About us

We manufacture and supply medicaments of natural plants gathered in Russia’s environmentally clean areas.
years in the market

We believe that plants can provide ample opportunities for preventing and curing disease, and no one has succeeded in making better drugs than nature.
Marina Smirnova
Quality Assurance Director

Raw Materials and Manufacture

  • We buy raw materials for our products in environmentally clean areas of Russia’s european regions, Krasnodar Territory and Far-East regions. We know exactly where and under which circumstances the plants were gathered.
  • Zdorovye’s own laboratory checks all the raw materials, semis and finished products for radioactive agents and microbiological cleanness.
  • We never add granulated materials into preparation in principle. Though granulated materials make products looser and packaging easier, it also worsens the preparation’s quality. Our normative documents confirm the absence of granulated materials in all products made by Zdorovye.
Phases of production and quality control

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